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Nice dress, Ash. But would you be able to wear it in Bengaluru?

Beautiful dress, Ash.

Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan left no stone unturned to make their entry at Cannes this year a breathtaking affair. Thanks to their designers who took long hours to create their exaggerated outfits. Wonder what will happen when these trailed beauties hit the streets of Bengaluru?

Fashionistas in the city let their imagination run wild. Fashion blogger Farah Magi says, “The internet is abuzz with hilarious memes about Aishwarya Rai’s and Deepika Padukone’s gowns at Cannes. I think the gowns would be a great fit for the Bengaluru rains and would serve many purposes. They could be used as big family umbrellas or to absorb water off the streets.”

And if the water enters your house, fret not, because these dresses can also help one sweep out the water, says Farah.

“Judging by the fabrics, they can also act as raincoats or car covers. If you are cold at night, use them as a blanket. It will surely keep you warm,” she laughs.

Palak Sood, the fashion design student at Army Institute of Fashion and Design, says, “The pink fluffy dress that Deepika wore had an avant-garde appeal and looked stunning on her no doubt. But if someone wears this dress in the Bengaluru rain, I can only think of them using it like a hood to protect themselves from getting wet. Aishwarya’s shimmery ivory gown’s neckline will act as a good rainwater collecting device. The butterfly gown she wore can clean up the whole Commercial Street in one sweep. What a great help it would be to our ‘pourakarmikas’.”

We can’t agree more! In fact, Aishwarya, who recently made her debut on Instagram, shared a picture of her daughter comfortably lying on her 10 feet long trail. Now doesn’t

this gives a cool idea to use the butterfly trail as a carpet for special occasions?

We had another fashion diva, Sonam Kapoor, who slayed it on the red carpet. But hey! was that a cushion attached to her back? Looks like these celebs are taking Marilyn Monroe’s words ‘It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring’ seriously.

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