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Microsoft’s ‘Seeing AI’ app for the visually impaired can now identify Indian currency

Microsoft’s ‘Seeing AI’ app

Microsoft’s Seeing AI app, which is designed for visually impaired, can now identify Indian currency. The latest update for the AI-based app brings the capability to identify all denominations of Indian currency. The Seeing AI app can now identify the recently issued currency bills as well and narrate the denomination to the user.

The new update for Seeing AI app also brings enhanced support for landscape orientation and improved layout on the iPhone X. For those unaware, the Seeing AI app was introduced for iOS platform in 2017 at Microsoft’s AI Summit in San Francisco. The app uses computer vision to audibly describe the world to blind and visually impaired people. The app uses the device camera to detect objects in real-time. Besides recognising currency it also reads documents. On the app, users can customise the voice tone and speech pattern to suit the listener as the document gets read out.

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“Designed for users with visual impairment, Seeing AI combines artificial intelligence and rich computer vision to narrate the world around users in real-time. By describing surrounding people, text, objects, colors, and currencies, Seeing AI serves as an example of how inclusive technology empowers people of all abilities,” the company cited in a press release.

The app supports five different currencies at the moment including British pounds, Euros, US and Canadian Dollars, and Indian currency being the new addition. The Seeing AI app is currently available in 56 countries. Microsoft claims the app now has over 30,000 monthly active users.

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