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If Delhi heatwave is making you ill, try these easy tips to keep yourself hydrated

Tips for Dehydration in summer

New Delhi: Summers are here and so comes the baggage of bearing its powerful heatwave. This time, the capital city including several other states have already been hit by a strong wave of heat, resulting in ill health, fatigue, rashes, burnt skin and the list goes on and on. So we thought of compiling an easy list of a few homemade tips which will help keep you cool in this scorching heat.

Homemade Drinks:

Try having these amazing homemade drinks which will keep you hydrated at the same time:

Watermelon Juice

Cucumber Juice

RoohAfza (this one is an age-old thing and you can experiment by adding a spoonful to a chilled glass of milk as well)


Classic lemonade

Drink plenty of water during the day

Skin Care in Summer:

In summer, you must keep a few things handy, such as:

Sunscreen lotion (do check the SPF level)

Wash your face with cold water, at least twice a day

Use minimal makeup, let your skin breathe

Add a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet, it helps

Also, you can rub ice cubes on your face once every day or on alternate days. It really makes your skin feel the freshness.

Note: Carry an Umberalla if your skin is super sensitive and can’t bear direct sunlight. Also, go more for Cotton and linen fabrics during summers.

If heatwave is really making you fall sick, better consult a doc immediately. But do not forget to keep yourself hydrated this season.
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