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How to remove a broken headphone jack from your device

Ways to remove a broken headphone jack from your device.

The devices which were the ancestors of modern-day earphones can be traced back to the ancient times of 1881, yes, almost 150 years! The first headphones were quite clunky and weighed more than ten pounds. The modern-day earphones weigh so light you don’t even feel them in the palm of your hands.

remove a broken headphone jack

The downside is that you sometimes forget to be gentle with the poor thing and don’t think twice before yanking it out and then get the earphone jack stuck inside the socket. This is an issue which is going to be a huge inconvenience to you as your device will most likely recognize the earphone as being plugged in and divert the audio to the speaker.

Six ways to get the earphone jack out of the socket has been listed below:

remove a broken headphone jack

Use a Biro

You can remove the jack that is stuck inside your phone by making using of the tube inside your biro. With a little bit of manoeuvring, you can make use of this to remove the broken jack from the device.

You need to use the side of the tube which does not have ink on it and is on the opposite side of the nib. You will have to insert this into the earphone socket and when you remove it, the tube will grip the jack and pull it out with it.

remove a broken headphone jack

Try some superglue

One of the things that you may have used when you use superglue is that surfaces don’t stick fast to each other after you’ve used the glue on them. You need to wait for a while till they’re dry before you stick them. This factor is what you take advantage of to remove the jack.

You need to apply super glue on the remaining end of the headphone jack and slide it into the earphone jack. After you have held it down for 30 seconds or more, you can pull the jack out. Hopefully, the broken part will be attached to it.

remove a broken headphone jack

A thumbtack with a bent point or a safety point

A thumbtack is a great way of getting the earphone jack out. The first thing that you need to do is use a hammer to beat it a little into a shape which is easier to handle. The best thing to do is beat it into the shape of an L.

Insert the thumbtack into your socket and once it touches the plastic part of your earphone socket, push it and turn it firmly. Once you are sure that you have a strong hold on the part, pull it out of the socket.

remove a broken headphone jack

A toothpick and some hot glue

For this trick, you can make use of a toothpick made of either wood or plastic, make sure it’s narrow and has enough length to be able to touch the separated end of your earphone jack. After dabbing a small piece of hot glue on to your toothpick, wait for a minute for it to cool. After this, you will be able to remove the earphone jack from the socket quite easily.

remove a broken headphone jack

A heated paperclip

If you can’t get your hands on any glue, you can make use of heat to get the job done. Unwind a paperclip a little bit by bending it out by about 90 degrees.

Heat the paperclip while holding the other end with something heatproof. Insert this into the socket straight down the middle. Push firmly, and then after a few minutes, you should be able to remove the earphone jack.

remove a broken headphone jack


GripStick is the end product of a Kickstarter campaign, the tool is designed to remove earphone jacks from phones. This tool is available for purchase through nightek.com. It is available for .95. The price is much cheaper compared to what is charged by professionals.

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