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Gmail now lets you @ mention people: here’s how you can use it

here's a look to the new feature on Gmail.

Google launched the revamped version of Gmail back in April this year. The redesigned version of the email service apart from featuring a brand new user interface (UI) included a host of new and innovative features such as Smart Compose, Nudge and a snooze button for incoming messages among other things. But did you know that Google also added a mentions feature to Gmail?mention people

The mentions feature in the new Gmail works in a way similar to the one available on Twitter and Facebook. It essentially lets users insert the email address of a contact inside the body of the email by using ‘@’ symbol followed by their name. For example, typing ‘@Pooja’ will bring up the list of people with that name in the users’ contact list. Users can then select the contact that they want to link inside the body of the mail. This, in turn, will add a mail-to link labelled with the contact’s name inside the body of the text.

When the recipient clicks on that link, it will prompt open a new compose window such that they can directly write to that contact. This feature is particularly useful when users are trying to introduce someone to a new contract.

However, ‘@’ symbol is not the only way users can link contacts inside the body of the mail. Mentioning someone with a ‘+’ symbol instead of a ‘@’ symbol in the mail also links the contact in the body of the mail. Additionally, it automatically adds the person to the list of the user’s recipients in the mail being drafted.

Google Mentions

The new feature makes sending properly drafted emails on Gmail a bit easier. It is somewhat similar to the feature that reminds you to attach a file when you have mentioned that you would be doing so in your email.

Meanwhile, Gmail is not the only service that got a surprising makeover by Google. Earlier this month, the search engine revamped the UI of its cloud storage service Google Drive. The revamped Google Drive looks somewhat similar to the new Gmail. While the search engine giant did not make any major changes to its platform, it did change the placement of several icons in the menu bar to give Google Drive an aesthetically balanced look.

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